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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. hello, and welcome to wusa9 news, i am andrea roane. on the news this noon, d
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update after disturbing allegations of abuse at headstart programs in prince george's county. during a volatile meeting, the board of education decided not to appeal the federal government's decision to pull millions of dollars of funding for the program. wusa9's hillary lane has the latest from prince george's county. >> reporter: here at this elementary school, a federal investigation found that a teacher and her assistant were using humiliation and corporal punishment tactics in the classroom. now the federal government has pulled their funding for the headstart program. parents here say they cannot believe all of this happened at their kids' school. >> definitely shocking. we need to do some investigating. >> reporter: this woman's daughter is in the second grade at the elementary school. she says what has happened at the headstart program is disturbing. last night, the school board voted in a meeting to not appeal the federal government's decision to yank $6.3 million worth of funding for the program.
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this after preschoolers in this school were forced to hold heavy books over their heads in front of classmates as punishment. at a nearby school, a 3-year- old student was forced to mop up urine in front of his classmates while still wearing wet clothes. this woman's has the entire ordeal is upsetting and is considering pulling her daughter from the school even though she is not in the headstart program. >> once i do some investigation further, we will decide whether she will still attend the school. >> reporter: members from the prince george's county school board called for the president and vice chair to resign. parents we spoke to say at the very least, they want the issue discussed further and fully resolved by the board. although the federal government has pulled their funding, the school board says the head start program will begin here next week. reporting in prince george's county, hillary lane, wusa9. aman is indicted for shooting and killing three and wounding two others in a paris phil home. prince george's county states attorney angela
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announced that lawrence rogers was charged on counts related to the june 2016 incident. one of the victims killed was 60-year-old wayne rolette who worked for our parent company, tegna. powerful aftershocks continued to roll through parts of central italy devastated by wednesday's earthquake. at least 267 people were killed and rescuers are working against the clock to save more who may be trapped under tons of rubble. officials say aftershock damage could cut off access to the hardest hit areas. jonathan vigliotti has the latest from amatrice. >> reporter: rescue dogs are searching the piles of rick and stone that were once buildings in this city, more than two days after an earthquake devastated parts of central italy, the race is on to find survivors. this trainer says the dogs are brought to areas where they believe there are missing people trapped below the rubble. from above, the scale of the de
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from the debris since the quake struck wednesday. but, crews admit the odds of finding survivors is diminishing by the hour. aftershocks are slowing the effort, more than 1000 of them have shaken the already unstable ruins, and are threatening to close the roads into amatrice. this home puts the devastation of this earthquake into perspective. when the earthquake hit at 3 in the morning, the home collapsed on top of itself. inside asleep at the time, a family of three. neighbors say they did not make it out alive. for many, the search for loved ones and here, at a small airport in the regional capital. a steady stream of cars carries grieving relatives in and out of the hangar, where dozens of bodies await identification. the first funerals are being held today. >> that was jonathan vigliotti reporting. today is a very difficult anniversary for the family, friends and colleagues of two young journalists shot and killed on
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allison parker and photojournalist adam ward were remembered with a moment of silence during wdbj's newscast. they were shot to death by a former coworker while conducting a live interview at a popular resort in roanoke, virginia. bob mcdonald is speaking of the possibility of a retrial in his corruption case. it is the first time he has spoken publicly about it since the supreme court overturned his conviction in june. >> well, that is up to the government. i think at this point, i have loved my service to the people of virginia in the u.s. for 38 years. it has been a difficult time with these accusations and the trial. but, i have said from the beginning that i am innocent of these charges. i am very grateful to the supreme court of the united states for their unanimous decision in my favor. >> reporter: it is now up to the court of appeals to
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macdonald. that deadline is monday. we are learning more about a crash involving a fire department vehicle in howard county. it happened around 7:20 this morning at the intersection of route 175 and dobbins road in columbia. the vehicle was on its way to a reported apartment fire and drove through a red light at the intersection when it was struck by another vehicle, sending it to three other cars. two firefighters and two drivers were taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. we are looking at another hot and humid weekend. meteorologist melissa nord has your forecast, i don't envy you being outside on the terrace. >> it is certainly hot and also muggy. but, today is the worst of it. as we get toward tomorrow and your sunday, the humidity is going to go down just a smidge. enough to hear it is a little less unbearable outside. right now, 91, feels like 98 because the dewpoints are il
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but this lunch hour versus this morning, we have had a shift in the wind direction. coming out of the north and a bit breezy at times. that is going to try to take the humidity down as we get into the afternoon, but it will still be hot and humid outside. 91 in town, 92 fredericksburg, frederick right now, 90 degrees. factor in the humidity, up to 100 for the heat index in fredericksburg. feels like 98 in frederick, 98 in dc. this week front to the north is going to move through and try to take humidity down just a bit this weekend. today, still hot. humid this afternoon. we will talk about how long these 90s are going to stick around for coming up in just a bit. >> weatherwise, and is a dog day afternoon but in a positive way. it is a way to celebrate dogs on national dog day dog owners everywhere are giving there's four-legged -- are giving their four-legged friends extra trees and hugs. but, as we report, every day is national dog day. >> repo:
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national dog day in the best way with dogs like dakota and dotson rescued from louisiana, looking for their forever home. these puppies have a lot to celebrate on national dog day. rescued from louisiana after the shelter they were in was flooded. they made the long journey up to waldorf where they are now in good hands. >> they are all doing great. the 66 dogs and 12 cats are all healthy, happy. >> reporter: there is dalton, dakota, eva, sandra, and may, rory, easton, clayton and a couple more. 66 dogs in all taken in by the last chance animal rescue. it sounds like a lot but this is what they do. >> it sounds great but we do this every week. we bring the dogs up, and get them healthy and find them new homes. >> reporter: soon, they will be in their forever homes where belly rubs, kisses, and treats are never in short supply. but until then,
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at last chance animal rescue are making sure this holiday is the best one, yet. because here, every day is national dog day. >> we celebrate it every day. we really do. it sounds corny but we do. >> reporter: these dogs will be ready for adoption on september 17. in waldorf, nikki burdine, wusa9. tracking metro. riders buckle up, the next big maintenance surge number eight starts tomorrow and affects you. blue line trains will continuously singletrack between the franconia springfield and van doren freed -- street stations. no trains will run out of tomorrow through sunday. heads up for yellow line riders, metro rail is conducting a full scale response drill sunday, this will allow emergency personnel to act as evacuation of a train during a simulated derailment. service will be stomped between the plaza and pentagon statio
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2 in the afternoon. all of this information is on our mobile app. coming up on the news at noon, a big speech from fed chair janet yellen provides a big hint at the direction of interest rates. and, james corden takes a ride with britney spears in the latest installment of " carpool karaoke."
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welcome back to 9 news at noon. federal reserve chair janet yellen says they are moving toward raising interest rates. at the annual composing, she offered a generally upbeat assessment of the economy but stopped short of giving any timetable for the next hike. dr. yellen did note that inflation is still running below the fed's target but is being depressed mainly by temporary factors. and, a safe sex dragon capsule has returned to earth after a stay of more than a month at th
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in july, the dragon cargo ship delivered supplies to astronauts on board. the spacecraft landed at about 11:50 this morning, 10 minutes ago, 300 miles -- rather, 20 minutes ago, southwest of baja, california. crews will take it for further experiment and processing. coming up on the news at noon, a discovery that could help children with autism lose weight. we tell you why that's a common problem and why a drug used for another condition could help. and a hot start to the weekend. we take a look at when we could finally see relief from the 90s in just a few minutes. in case you have forgotten, today is national dog day. a picture of my little best friends, kiwi and chloe. and, we have lots of adorable pictures of your dogs. take pictures. post them to our facebook page or attack us on twitter using the hashtag, #wakeupwash.
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welcome back to 9 news. in today's health alert, the rate of children with autism inspect term disorder has shot up a staggering 119% since 2000. many kids take medications to control symptoms, but they often cause considerable weight gain. that can leave parents torn over how best to treat children. a new study is giving parents another option. >> reporter: it has been 10 years since the fda approved medications to treat irritability in children with autism. so far, two drugs have been approved, both sharing similar side effects. >> one of the issues we face with medicines is that they can cause
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>> reporter: that is likely contributing to a troubling trend. teens with autism are 30% more likely to be obese than those without it, and preschoolers are 60% more likely to be obese. dr. michael iman of the ohio state university webster medical center came up with a possible solution. in a new study, he gave one group of children with autism a placebo, and another a drug normally used to control type ii diabetes. using the drug metformin, children lost an average of six pounds. their bmi was considerably lower, and their waists were smaller. >> the tendency of the two groups to differ in a way became visible after about eight weeks. and became greater and more visible. between eight weeks and 16 weeks. >> reporter: doctors say medications to help control the mood of children with autism are often prescribed as early as age 5. without something to offset the appetite that comes
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face decades of dealing with weight problems. >> although none of us likes to use more medicines than is absolutely necessary, in this case, it is a good resolution. >> doctors say other benefits of metformin are that it has been around for decades, it is proven to be safe and in this study, caused only mild or no side effects in children. another group of children in the study who took a placebo showed weight loss and no change in their bmi. the food and drug administration wants all u.s. blood centers to start screening for zika. the new advisor needs allstate and territories will begin testing blood donations for the virus. previously, the requirement was limited to areas with active zika transmissions like puerto rico and two florida counties. this could be the key to battling the zika virus. scientists in california are releasing hundreds of thousands of scientifically offered -- altered male mosquitoes to mate with zika prone females. they produce
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they prevent the females from reproducing. females are the only ones who bite people and spread the disease. researchers expect the mosquito population will plummet and they can use this army of male mosquitoes christie -- strategically against zika as it disappears. >> you can go to the area with these mosquitoes and release them. >> fresno county'spatrol is so county in the nation to use modified mosquitoes from the species that carry the zika virus. if the project is successful, the altered bugs will be used in areas like florida where zika cases are grown. vice presidential candidate tim kaine appeared on "the late show with stephen colbert" last night and brought along the laughs. take a look. >> have you been on a talk show like this before? >> i never have, never dreamed i would. >> you will be doing a lot more
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months. >> i don't know, we will see how tonight goes. >> now, how long did you know that you were the vice presidential pick before the rest of us knew? >> about 12 minutes. seriously. [ laughter ] hillary clinton called me at 7:32, friday, july 22, not that it was a memorable moment. [ laughter ] >> colbert brought up trump's war of words with clinton this week. kaine jumped to clinton's defense saying she is working to advance racial justice around the time that trump was building his real estate empire. and if you turned off your tv after "the late show with stephen colbert" then you missed james corden taking a ride with britney spears in the latest installment of "carpool karaoke." ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ singing ] when i'm not with you i lose my mind, give me a sign, hit me baby one more time ♪
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>> they were hilarious wearing matching uniforms and pigtails re-creating her original music video so long ago. she also dropped a new album this morning and is performing at the video music awards this weekend. >> i think the best thing about this is that he took a couple of buttons and undid them. >> i know. kind of creepy there. a little microphone cord showing but he is so much fun. she is not bad. >> no, she is great, too. >> speaking of not bad, i was complaining about how hot and humid it was. melissa pointed out it is not as bad as it was this morning. there is a north wind blowing. >> right. we have had that breeze come in where the humidity is drop a bit this morning. it is still going to be hot and humid, don't get me wrong, but in terms of at
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breezes coming from the north, it's not going to feel as uncomfortable as out -- as it could be looking back toward the beginning of august, no triple digit temperatures. that is something to clap about. temperature right now, 91. feels like 98 because we got dewpoints in the 70s. it is feeling muggy outside. factoring in the humidity, a lot of us feel like we are in the mid-to upper 90s. but, the heat index today is going above 100 and temperatures into the mid-90s. we are going to be close to some record highs this afternoon. in washington dc, a record high is 97 from 1948. not too far off of that, dulles, 95, the record, we will be really close to that one. don't think we will quite get there in martinsburg or baltimore. both are in the triple digits. forecast highs today, just a stray storm possibility to bring any relief from heat and the best chance will be south of the i-66 corridor. mid-90s this afternoon, and this is the feels like temperatures. heat index values. all of us should make it around or just above 100,
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index should get up to 104 this afternoon but then humidity tries to drop a bit this weekend. a little bit more manageable outside. if you are going to be heading out to nationals park, they are taking on the rockies. plan accordingly. it is going to be hot as we start the game but toward the end of it, falling into the mid- 80s, it should be nice for the redskins preseason game as well. here is the next front, trying to move through and bring that northwind. it is still going to be hot this weekend, successfully trumping cash not successfully dropping the temperature a little bit but it will drop humidity. saturday and sunday, in the 90s, dry each afternoon but not quite as humid as it has been. we keep temperatures right around the low 90s, again, for the rest of next week until we get toward the end of next week. hey, by the way, still watching that system in the tropics. i have written an article that you can get on your wusa9 mobile app. there is
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what the storm system could possibly do. the next three days, we are in the 90s, not as humid this weekend. 90s through wednesday and in the 80s next thursday. and again, this is national dog day, where we are throwing love on our dogs but we also want to remind you that if you can give a forever home to a dog who is looking for one, this is the day that you might want to do is. aren't they adorable? keep sending them into us. use the hashtag #wakeupwash or
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, sentencing for the man who tortured and nearly killed a mclean couple.
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screening at u.s. blood banks. and on this national dog day, new data on how much it actually costs to own a four- legged friend. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we'll be right back at 5:00. until then, enjoy the afternoon and have a great weekend! >> and happy national dog day.
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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♪ >> grimes: i don't know if "favorite" best describes cassie's death, but when i look back at the impact it had on me and on the audience, it was a significant moment in "y&r's" history. [ flat line ] i feel grateful to have been part of such an iconic moment. >> king: i feel like i've grown up with the character of summer. she's grown up a lot over the years. >> summer: i know that you think that everything i do is a disaster waiting to happen. >> nick: no, summer, not everything. >> king: my favorite moment on this show has to be... >> summer: i lied. i hope you're all happy. >> mariah: i knew you could be a human being! >> grimes: was that one of her favorites that she chose? >> king: yeah, just another smooch at the coffeehouse. you know, onfo


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